Feb 11, 2013

How To Recognize A Workaholic

  1. 1.       You don’t know when payday is.
  2. 2.       You use work jargons in everyday speech. i.e: “How do you Control-J not Control-S-ing the last shrimp for me? I’ve Control-B-ed that request in my email?”
  3. 3.       You don’t have a playlist of ‘GoGoGo’ to listen to on your way to work and ‘YippeYaYeay’ on your way back to work.
  4. 4.       You idea of fun is driving by your office building on your day off, even just to say “Yay, no work today!”
  5. 5.       You search history panel is a history text(web)book of your company and its clients.
  6. 6.       Before signing the offer letter, you check whether marrying a co-worker is permissible.
  7. 7.        You don’t know the name of your next cubicle colleague’s new grandson because he was born the same day the company upgraded a software.
  8. 8.       You never hide out in the filing room wailing “WAKE UP IN THE MORNING FEELING LIKE P DIDDY”, then act normal when you walk out.
  9. 9.       The loved ones buy you an Excel Worksheet birthday cake.

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