Feb 7, 2013

Goodbye Hello Timmy

It can be really hard to say wave farewell. Saying goodbye to an accomplice to those mischievous behaviors in pre-school is even more difficult. In a flash, you would be reminded of those times you guys accidentally created a disaster zone in class, exasperating the teachers when it comes to taking class picture (among others) and making arts and crafts that didn't turn out to be mainstream beautiful pieces. In a flash, you can feel a pool forming in your tear ducts.

         They are your first friends whose curiosity matches you in your eagerness to experiment with the world. Discovering new bits and pieces, testing out boundaries.

But we can’t stay static in one phase of life. We have to explore the world at some point in our lives. Who knows? Maybe we even spread bits of love and joy in our journey, bringing happiness as we go.
So let go. Let them grow.

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