Feb 13, 2013

A Marriage Cake

A white buttercream icing covered rainbow cake to celebrate love.

        Sometimes we don’t need to have elaborated wedding cakes to mark the joyous of the one-day occasion. These lovebirds use wedding cakes to symbolize a marriage, rather than a wedding.

        On the outside, it is a pretty white cake marking the start of their journey. It is decorated with colourful dots at the bottom that are blossoming into hearts as they reach the top, as they grow into their relationship. While at the top they are spreading the love around them. The colourful hearts show the different but just as important type of loves they have and want to share.

       On the inside, there is a layer of the same colours used on the outside signifying the core of their relationship. The many layers and the situations they have gone through, prevailed and strengthen their bond. The strong foundation they shared and kept hidden from the public eye; escapades, feelings, songs they sing to each other and such. Their little secrets. Their little happiness.

Here’s to them having a lifetime of happiness and more.

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